That Perfect Moment . . .

The Man Who Forever Rox!

A man of vast skills, technique, knowledge and know how. He is always conscious of a lady and is subtle. A Forever Rox man will rarely raise his voice because people have a desire to hear his every word. He is always true to himself and has an eye for beauty and taste.

The Woman Who Forever Rox!

The Rox woman is captured in real moments, her allure building as she’s portrayed in a range of scenarios. The jewelry she wears seem inseparable from the woman herself— perfectly suited for the lifestyle that she cultivates.

Experience Panache!

Our sister boutique carries a variety of products designed for life.  You will find home goods, designer clothing, artwork, children’s gifts, gift cards, handbags,  jewelry, picture frames and so much more!
Panache is a French word origin that carries the connotation of grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; & flair.  The perfect word to encompass all the wonderful products we carry, the fabulous customers that frequent our boutique, and the amazing people who work here.

Just Breathe!

Breathe, inspired by conscious living style, is our most recent boutique.  You will find casual and comfortable apparel, jewelry, and accessories designed for stylish everyday comfort. Breathe also carries activewear and home accessories that help bring the tranquility of conscious living to your home.

Forever Rox ~ A Hub For Fine Jewelry

Lake Tahoe’s premier Jewelry store since 1984. Forever Rox carries a unparreled selection of unique gemstones and priceless diamonds dedication and commitment to our clients.

930 Tahoe Blvd
Incline Village, NV 89451